Leaderswizard-governors from the Tamlêrran states
Government528 HE - present
Guild2521 LE - 528 HE

Before becoming the governors of the Tamlêrran Empire, Zenduram was a guild of arcanists more interested in magical pursuits than rule. They studied arcane energy, most followed Arcana, and did their part of helping the rulers, training war mages for Volgad's armies and putting defensive spells about the kingdom's holds. Although close with Nithian's rulers, they usually steered clear of politics. This changed in the Cinyossion Conflict. In this war, Volgad battled the Titan Empire Cûngin-Zar. Nearing the fall of the Volgad capital, Zenduram's wizards saved nearly 18,000 citizens, whisking them away with teleportation magic far north to Magrâbik. In a new land, on another continent, the Zenduram were looked to for leadership and protection. On 528 HE, by the will of the people, these wizards became Tamlêrran's governors.

The Zenduram government is a magocracy, run by wizard-governors, each ruling a Tamlêrran state. They meet in council as equals, discussing spell-craft, national defense, and other political matters. They are kept in check by Tamlêrran's secret police, the dreaded Brain Inspectors. Although they report directly to the Zenduram, they are under strict oaths, passing complete reports on to each wizard-governor, such that the affairs of each state are monitored by all.

Late in the First Epoch, Zenduram's arch-mages pooled their magic, creating the Elemantum Boundary Ward. This magical containment was put in place, tempering the cold of Igas and the fires of Anbueth.

The wizard-governors of the Zenduram are not without internal conflict. One of their internal feuds led the rise of the beholder empire Abhômaipeth.

Grand Visionary of Tamlêrran

This individual is usually the leading seer of Tamlêrran. The Grand Visionary is highly respected post of the Zenduram. This person is tasked with predicting what will happen in the future.

Grand Wizard General

In times of great wars, a Grand Wizard General is elected to manage overall military matters. This post is for six months, whereupon another wizard is elected.