Zyvie Setie

RegionElrohir Mithrandír
OwnerPortal Sentinels
Built3 Dreamer 788 LE

Zyvie Setie is an ancient research center in the Thangolos forest. It was built in the Lith-Crillion by a labor force under a primordial outlaw named Asoun.

Sometime after the destruction of the Womb of Entropy (c.f. 1271 LE) he hid this place with a magical device that masked its location. Those that got near, were "magically convinced" into going elsewhere.

In the Year 1500, Asoun dispelled the magic hiding his secret hold. He then had his agents spread rumors of entropy fragments stashed somewhere in the Thangolos forest. This led to conflict as various groups tried to secure Zyvie Setie. This conflict, the War of the Fragments, would see the construction of an Entropy Arch and a change of worship in the Altocumuli empire.

Not long after the war, for reasons still unknown, Altocumuli abandoned Zyvie Setie and claim over the entropy arch within it. Thereafter, the Portal Sentinels moved in and secured the place.