Ownerindependent city-state
Pyrmidian Ghoul30%
EnemiesIvory Asylum, Nathargundu
DeityRioch Tetrax
Founded14 Bloom 1255

Between 1270 HE and 1280 HE, Yuan-ti captives were brought to Athoreon's shores. They came by slaves ships answering the call for bipedal specimens. Some came from as far away as the Mir'piamauza city Varrogrith or from closer ports, like Leza-Sîk; the latter during the times it was under evil masters. The Hydrocur, then the dominant power of Athoreon's coasts and waterways, paid handsomely for what they termed "specimens", and not slaves. Though no records have been found of this, it is said Elderaunts, a people created by the Hydrocur, are partially a product of the yuan-ti "specimens". Much later, in the Second Epoch, Ba'lith propagated the idea that Elderaunts "love of water and the seas" come from a bit of yuan-ti in each of them.

Following the creation of the Elderaunts, the Hydrocur sent the yuan-ti up the Mêzel and left them to make it on their own. This was considered a death sentence, for the shores and islands of the inland sea Mizzen is a land of mysteriously overgrown creatures. South of this ocean, in the Nelthack swamp, the yuan-ti fared much better than those that tried to live north near the sea. Nonetheless, for centuries, they eked out a miserable existence. It wasn't till the arrival of dwarves in the Turkosh valley that they began to organize. This organization came about from the reprisals for their frequent raiding on the newcomer's homesteads. Sakullêth, built on one of the sunken spires that make-up the Terraces of Mêzelurûs, was built as a trading post.

When the Mizhint empire was formed, Sakullêth served as its capital.

In 1790, the Mizhint empire fell to the hordes of Belgunth. Those yuan-ti that survived and did not bow to the new ruler fled into the Elephant Backbone and then to Lacaran.

The ruler of Sakullêth is the Wraith Queen Belgunth. She rules over the former holdings of the Mizhint. When she took over the city, the place became a spawning ground for undead. She needed more corpses to turn into undead and dominate the region, so she turned her minions on the elderaunts of Ivory Asylum and the scattered tribes of Sussgurd; peoples that once were part of Tinnanguth.

Ivory Asylum, too large and well-organized, resisted the attacks of Belgunth and even besieged Sakullêth in 1792. The elderaunts gave up the assault after sickness and disease spread through their ranks like wildfire. Belgunth's area of influence spread into the tribal lands of the Sussgurd, encircling them with pickets of undead bastions and then she wooed them over to her banner.

In 1793, the Sussgurd were defeated and came under her rule. Seeing the need to build an economy and supply her population of mortal and undead forces, she turned to nation-building and entered into defensive pacts with humanoid tribes and the Rilirthad.

In 1799, a great earthquake shook the area of Khimrathil. This revealed the long hidden Pyramid of Anti-Nature. Belgunth, and her Blood Knights (all vampiric creatures) boldly ventured into this ancient edifice. They woke the Guardians of the Pyramid, its Pyrmidian Ghouls. After putting up a token fight, they joining the ranks of the conquerors. These ghouls, armed with Night Howlers, went on to become Sakullêth's elite city guard.

The most widely worshiped deity of Sakullêth is Rioch Tetrax.

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