Spirit Crypt

Built19 Bloom 1505

In 1505, construction began on an underground lair in the Branchard hills. Over the next decade, this place serve as the home of Lenassu Dras'ee. She used it as a wizard's lab and for plotting schemes of her return to power in the Khazarkar Empire. Her assistant and lover was Vargonivous. When Lenassu became a lich in 1515, this lover was now seen as a minion. At Spirit Crypt, he too would join the ranks of undead as a mummy lord, servant to his former mate.

In 1802, while Ragongrak was being constructed, laborers began to go missing. After a search for cause, they found the secret entrance to Spirit Crypt. The owners of Ragongrak, the adventurers Crimson Eye, raided Lenassu's old hideout turned crypt. They found it home to many horrors with baleful spirits and undead the most numerous. A few of them died in this tomb, either by deadly traps or by foul guardians set to guard the place. One of the more dangerous foes was the mummy lord Vargonivous. Queen Dras'ee could not let him leave the place and leak its secrets, so she set him to greet fortune seekers with pummeling blows energized with necrotic energy. Crimson Eye also slew a blutium golem. In addition to much loot, they found a vast supply of black oil said to be valued at 10,000,000gps.

Today, many areas of Spirit Crypt are sealed off. This is because of undead that are automatically created from anything dying here; an effect that Crimson Eye could not, or maybe do not want to get rid of.