Dark Prince Civil War

Period1818 - 1821
TheaterGrashakh, Miradelg√Ľn
Belligerentscivil war in the Ogre Union

The Dark Prince Civil War was started when the demon worshipers of the Cult of Grazz't led a crusade against the priests of Vaprak. The conflict was bloody street battles between mages and priests, and warriors backing the highest bidder. Mordkon, the first convert of Graz'zt led the uprising. In the fight against the followers of Vaprak, Mordkon, backed by Torfillifus enlisted mercenaries from the Tormoran Federation and Rethmorg.

The Dark Prince Civil War ended in the Year 1821. Mordkon's forces won the civil war. He issued a bull whereupon Vaprak worship was banned. In his place, the shamans took up worshiping the demon lord Graz'zt.