Nautrek, a cold sea ... in the depths, a frozen primordial

Nautrek is a deep cold sea separating Elemantum, Brucrumus and Denerra. The frigid waters of this sea are very hazardous, with icebergs, cyclones, and unusual storms unleashing furious hailstorms on some days and acid rain on the other. The hazards of this area are attributed to two powerful artifacts sited in Elemantum. The two artifacts are the Pumice Throne and the Glacial Throne. Together, these thrones affect the weather and climate across a wide area of northern Midrêth.

Nautrek has not always been a cold sea. In the Lith-Crillion Era, the Thraedli went to Dulpathâra where they freed a primordial named Silfergath. This ancient being, composed of dense ice and extremely cold, was one of the foes captured by Bal-Kriav and his Covenant soldiers. Silfergath, a stupid being, met for breaking defensive lines and freezing vast areas, left Dulpathâra and then sunk into the waters of Nautrek. He froze the waters for two miles in all directions around him and the block slowly slid deeper into the abyssal depths. Thereafter, historical records of the region, mostly by the Thraedli, claim the sea began to change, its temperate waters becoming colder by the year.

In the Chaos War, a large swathe of Nautrek became frozen. This was caused when the Chaos Malestrom was locked over the sea for several months. The bitter freezing conditions resulted in a land-bridge between Elemantum and Brucrumus. The frozen sea lasted for six months. During this time, a breach also occurred in the Elemantum Boundary Ward. This has also been attributed to the Chaos Maelstrom. The breach allowed a Cinderfall army to escape, whereupon they marched across the frozen sea and into Aettein. This army joined one of theater of conflicts called the Cinazan Front.