Fungus Skeleton
Built23 Bloom 9119 GE

Gamazûd is a vault thought to have been built in the God Era by the Mîmêk Army. In the Second Epoch, Mizagûm miners dug into the side of this ancient edifice. For unknown reasons, they kept the place a secret. Its strong garrison did not go unnoticed, leading to rumors of a great hoard of the gods stashed inside, and some of mighty evil they were there to contain.

In 1815, Gamazûd was captured by the fomorian empire Bru'khar. Forces out of Mizagûm have made several failed attempts to retake.

In 1826, a group of slaves escaped from one of the mines under Brachypelma. The search for these slaves brought the Bru'khar garrison at Gamazûd into contact with neogi slavers serving the Drachdekai Pact. Hostilies began shortly after, starting the Gamazûd War.

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