Maegorion Tarfilerquar

corrupted tree of Maegorion
RegionNorthern Hordelands, Tribe Steppes
MapMaegorion Forest

Maegorion is a dark forest west of the Giant Steps. The woods were once a normal forest. This changed on 4 Bloom 1791 when the villain Black Wood planted a magical seed called the Tarfilerquar. This corrupted seed, actually the heart of an evil god, grew to a great twisted and gnarled oak over a short period of time. As it grew, it corrupted the forest and all the creatures within it. Animals and beast became a much darker sort, treants become dark treants, unicorns becoming black unicorns, and the like. This was the beginning of Maegorion becoming a place of Dark Nature where evil energies corrupt even the simplest of plants. What may be safe in other forests, here the plant could be toxic or infused with an evil sentience. Undead are in the forest, but not in any number that you would expect. It is thought that the evil living of the forest hate the undead even more than other foes. One theory is that the forest is actually the evil god Tarfilerquar in another form.

Pushed out of the region in the Chaos War, the Orchish Empire once helped check the Dark Timber Migration. With the vacuum of power, Maegorion has once again began to spread its dark seeds into the land around.

Maegorion is home to black unicorns, dire animals of evil temperament, dark treants, hags, night shades, quicklings, gnolls, Jara, Theegans, vampire trees, and a few rain linnorms. The forest also has growing numbers of ironmaws. These were "transplanted" by Black Wood from Maar Gosvah.

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