corrupted tree of Maegorion
CategoryForests (Dark Nature)
RegionNorthern Hordelands, Tribe Steppes
MapMaegorion Forest

Maegorion is a forest along the southwestern edge of the Giant Steps. It began to change on 4 Bloom 1791, the day that an eco-terrorist named Black Wood planted the Seed of Tarfilerquar. A fell relic, the heart of an evil god, quickly grew to be a castle-sized twisted and gnarled oak. It corrupted the forest and all the creatures within it, animals and beasts over months becoming dire types, treants too stubborn to move on, became dark treants. Unicorns, fighting for justice and good became murderous black unicorns. The forest became a place of Dark Nature, where evil thrives.

Maegorion is home to black unicorns, dire animals of evil temperament, dark treants, hags, night shades, quicklings, vampire trees, and a few rain linnorms. There are also transplants from Maar Gosvah, the so-called Cubs of Black Wood, deadly ironmaws in the dozens.

Before the forest's corruption, it was home to Gnoll and Theegan loggers and hunters. As the forest changed, plant's becoming poisonous or evil in nature, and animals once prey becoming the hunters, they moved on. Today, even the fearless Jara avoid this forest.

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