GovernmentBapharathân (confederacy)
Ownerindependent city-state
Founded17 War March 1622

Mauleg is a werebadger city in the shallow reaches of Sakal. It can be reached from tunnels in the thickets of Turnîrâth.

Like all the lycanthropes in Weretopia, the first werebadgers were brought to this land by Lady Gass-du-lac. After her death, the Free Tooth city-state fell into a civil war. This became known as the Shifter Separation. Most of the werebadgers fled south into Turnîrâth where they joined up with wildling werebadgers. Over the next ten years the werebadger refugees and the wildlings feuded under a clan system. The city-types went into the Underdark and built a fortified settlement called Mauleg. This place was built to fend off raiding by the wererats out of Free Tooth.

In 1637, a werebadger by the name of Arbenagruk united the feuding wildlings and the city dwellers of Mauleg, thereby establishing the Bapharathân confederacy. The confederacy was named after the father of Arbenagruk. The two groups, the wildlings of Turnîrâth and the city dwellers of Mauleg work together to defend their interests.

The werebadgers of Mauleg are the most peaceful of all lycanthropes in Weretopia. They are content with digging tunnels and consuming vast quantities of Sprite Juice.

The werebadgers of Turnîrâth and parts beneath, are constantly on their guard in Weretopia. They are ever-watchful of the thievery and infiltration tactics of the wererats out of Free Tooth. Consequently, the Maulegs kill rats, of any size, on sight.