Tempestants Springs

Bog SeaBal-Kriav
??Gebs Rain
Opened4 War March 1692
Closed22 War March 1692

Tempestants Springs were three rifts opened by the god Tempestant. They were the routes of escape for the Norderns, a people facing an extinction level event. This was a Bombing of Geb, a period every millennia when the world of Gebs Rain is showered with the remnants of a shattered world.

Tempestants Springs remained open for 18 days. By way of these rifts, three Nordern holds, Fathom Two, Bathyl and Biomechallum escaped the 1692 Bombing of Geb. Submersible cities, they ended up in Bal-Kriav's Bog Sea.

Tempestant direct interference in mortal affairs, a violation of the Mandate of the Heavens, had her called to the Halls of Equilibrium. There she stated her case to The Balance,

Your eminences, the Norderns have already been through so much, driven off two worlds already, suffering for centuries under the instability of Gebs Rain. I will double my worshiper base with their arrival to Bal-Kriav. Good for keeping the balance, a check to Poseidon's overwhelming influence over her seas.

- Tempestant, to The Balance - "The Nordern Dilemma"

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