Tempestants Springs

LocationGebs Rain
Opened4 War March 1692
Closed22 War March 1692

Tempestants Springs were three rifts opened by the god Tempestant. They were opened as a means of saving the Nordern civilization from inevitable destruction. This destruction is the Bombing of Geb, which is a very infrequent, yet periodic time of meteor storms that pummel Gebs Rain. The Balance warned Tempestant not to meddle in the affairs of mortals, with Tempestant replying:

Your eminences, the Norderns have already been through so much, driven off two worlds already and suffering for centuries under the instability of Gebs Rain. I will double my worshipper base with their arrival, which is a good thing for keeping the balance. You must agree that I'm the only one that can check Poseidon's vast influence over the seas.

- Tempestant, to The Balance - "The Nordern Dilemma"

In violation of the Mandate of the Heavens, Tempestant ignored the warnings of The Balance and opened watery rifts between Gebs Rain and Bal-Kriav. Three Nordern cities used these rifts to escape Gebs Rain and come to Bal-Kriav. This was the third world that the Eenkai of Nordern would come to inhabit in the last millennia. The Nordern cities appeared in the Bog Sea, buoyant and riding the seas or submerging into them as they had done on Gebs Rain. Tempestant escaped censure by The Balance, with only Kebechet directly speaking out against her direct divine aid to mortals.

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