Blood Offensive

Period1707 - 1807
Umahanbad VS
Orchish Empire

The evil dwarves of Umahanbad, or Bloodbeards, relish war as much as the orcs of the Orchish Empire. The Bloodbeards and the Githirmil waged this century long war for control over the mineral riches of the southern Giant Steps.

During this long conflict, the Orchish Empire and allied with the Vynnendar. Seeing no end to the war, the Vynnendar withdrew from the conflict in the Year 1797. A protracted guerilla war followed with the orcs waging attrition against the mountain hideouts of the Bloodbeards. Both sides tired of the long war and agreed on territorial boundaries. The Bloodbeards favored in the deliberations, securing the gold mines around Roralarg. The Treaty of Naram-Gunal was signed on 22 Temporal 1807.