Crimson Eye, Inc

Businessoil, drugs
Trade AreaCinazan, Grashakh, Hells Womb
Symbolcrimson eye
EnemiesOgre Union
Established11 War March 1788

Crimson Eye, Inc. was formed by a group of adventurers that went by the name Crimson Eye. The initial members of this group were prisoners of the Orchish Empire, serving in Penal Battalion 321. Their adventures span eight large tomes called the "The Epic Adventurers of Crimson Eye". The tales of this group's adventurers can be found in many libraries across the realm.

In 1790, these adventurers raided the Mound of Bone Pounder. One of the treasurers they found in this place was, unbeknown to them, an ancient artifact called Tarfilerquar. What appeared to be a simple magical seed, was in fact a corrupted item so powerful that it could change an entire forest and its denizens to darker versions of themselves. Crimson Eye traded this item to an outlaw druid named Black Wood. A year later, on 4 Bloom 1791, Black Wood used the Tarfilerquar to corrupt the great forest Maegorion.

In 1799, the restless group raided Outpost Prime. In the ruins of this old hideout of the Sanguine Whispers, they found a trove of books, scrolls, and other loot. One of things they made off with was the giff platform Juggernaut.

In 1801, they used the marvel Phaze Keep to bypass the Elemantum Boundary Ward. They traveled through Igas and Anubeth, and had friendly contact with Tamlêrran. In the same year, while still living in Collossapolos, they were tasked with finding a powerful weapon for Monty the Mad. This weapon was lost almost two centuries earlier when Monty killed Defilnus. The search begin in The Twelve Tiers under Collossapolos. The group was able to do what the army had failed to do in three months, thanks in part to a hint from their arch-mage friend at Fort Hellstorm. They found Monty's weapon Tiamat Spur and reluctantly turned it over to him. In return, Monty the Mad awarded them a large territory in eastern Grashakh. This territory was the Branchard hills north and east of Viiz Bo and the highlands of Malakun. The Branchard part of this claim, with its rich mines, was a long contested claim between the region's Toomrur and the Orchish Empire. Crimson Eye took claim of the area and immediately started fortifying the area and building the stronghold Ragongrak.

In 1802, while Ragongrak was being constructed, they found a hidden area under the construction site. In the labyrinth Spirit Crypt, they destroyed a blutium golem and killed the mummy lord Vargonivus. In addition to plunder, they discovered an enormous lake of black oil valued at over 10,000,000 gold.

In 1803, the party journeyed to Deaths Kindle where they met Lenassu Dras'ee, former owner of Spirit Crypt.

In 1804, the company went to war with the Ogre Union. The conflict was called the Crimson Offensive and led to the first ever defeat of an empire by a company. In this conflict the Toomrur lost Norgtrum and Crimson Eye took claim of Gudrall.

Crimson Eye is one of the largest companies on Bal-Kriav. They are involved in military expansion, trade, drug trafficking and in any other activity that garners profit. They are a major distributor of the drug Ragnorak. Although not nearly as widely consumed as Ragnorak, the company is also the inventor of a potent alcohol called Ogre-Skin Anvil. The company also has a positive energy rift at Primus One. The energy from this rift is collected and packaged in crystal spears and other storage containers for use in their energy weapons.

The company is headed by a council. The council leaders make the major decisions for all enterprises of Crimson Eye, Inc. The council leaders are:

Council Leaders of Crimson Eye
NameCouncilor Status
Argontholopus, male red dragoncurrent
Bilesiss, female yuan-ti abominationcurrent
Bist, female devilformer
Drog Firebeardcurrent
Niras Reef'vcurrent
Portunfut, male firbolgcurrent
Volt-Drague, male gnollcurrent
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  • C.E.P.R - Crimson Eye Petroleum and Refining
  • C.E.M.M - Crimson Eye Milling and Mining
  • Ragnorak Enterprise