RaceMinâth, Vith'kirr

The Dras'ee family is a Minâth house that came to notoriety during the tribal past of the Khazarkars. To both the Khazarkar tribes and the Tragaran tribes of southern Gulimbor, the Dras'ees were considered to be one of the wilder families of Alêth. They were known for their shamans, druids, and berserker barbarians. They seemed to have a rare insight for gathering information. They always seemed to known what was going on in neighboring areas, and sometimes in distant places. This information proved useful to the tribes because it gave advance notice of Tragaran tribe movements that could be a presage of a raid. Later on it was learned that the Dras'ees were "blessed" with draconic blood. This came from their females being Vith'kirr, carriers of the Curse of Ausul'nah, spreaders of the weredragon lycanthropy. Their Vith'kirr, capable of flying in their dragon form, was the answer for the family's "rare insight" for gathering intelligence.

Dragons, since time immemorial , have been viewed by primitive tribes with fear and awe. People with the ability to change into one, were seen as blessed by the gods.

- Tarân Zinul, Khazarkar historian - "Early Khazarkar Tribal Beliefs"

Dras'ee is a Old Khazarkar word. Unlike, many other khazarkars, the Dras'ees kept their family name and did not change it to one of the Nidurrâb language.

Two of the most well-known Dras'ees are Lenassu and her daughter Gass-du-lac. In 974, Lenassu Dras'ee became head of the First Khazarkar Empire. She was the last Minâth family to run the empire under a monarchy.