Dax Jagg Ta'khar

Ta'khar Jagg
Class20th priest / 10th death priest
RaceCambion Theegan
Second Dead1612 - present
Arch-Cabal1505 - present
First Dead1464 - 1612
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born3 Hollow 1430

Ta'khar Jagg is a cambion, offspring of a Theegan witch and the demon Dvr'jiss Jagg. He was raised in a harsh and unforgiving area called Raefknar. The mineral laden Nagopt'nee mines with their countless slaves provided ready torture and fodder for Ta'khar's dark mind. His dreams were plagued with the screams of agony that reverberate from the walls of Yastorogg. The nightmarish place had a lasting effect on his soul leading to a cruel and torturous outlook on life; seeing other creatures as tools to manipulate, torture, maim, enslave, and ultimately kill.

In 1454, his father sent him south to join the Cult of Worms. Before he left, he changed his name to Dax. This was part of plan to distance himself from his father in case the infiltration failed. As a member of the Cult of Worms, he was to gather intelligence on their activities. Two months after he joined, he was caught and sentenced to death. Fortunately, Katrana, fellow Black Banner party member, intervened on his behalf getting the sentence reduced. As part of the deal, he had to let Katrana show him the ways of her god. A year later, he gave up thievery and took to the cloth, pledging himself to the god Thasmudyan.

He joined Black Banner as a career adventurer. This was to change as they gained notoriety and wealth. Along with other members of this group, Dax was instrumental in forming the Black Tide of Thasmudyan. He served on the First Dead Council and now serves on the Second Dead Council.

During the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), Dax ruled from Rancor Summit. From this corrupted place, he controlled the awesome powers of Pyramid of Merioss. For a long time, this ancient pyramid prevented any sea vessel from approaching the Black Tide capital Ugidreth.

While the Black Tide reigned on Brucrumus, Dax was head of the Tharn-Mol.

In the Black Tide War, Dax and Raxcvillibus, both Dead Councilor had a falling out. The god Thasmudyan and Dax worked together to eliminate Raxcvillibus. This resulted in Apoxlin's Sentence (1485 - 1683) and the removal of Dax's main internal threat from the Black Tide.

In the Artery War (1546 - 1554), Dax and the remaining leaders of the Black Tide were driven from Brucrumus. He fled to Necrocrypt and took up residence in the ruins of Mularûn. There he plots and works on rebuilding the Black Tide of Thasmudyan.

On 9 Witchrite 1505, he was made Arch-Cabal by the god Thasmudyan. This rank makes him a saint, and the highest religious authority for Thasmudyan on Bal-Kriav.

Dax is also the leader of the Cult of Worms.

Dax's clandestine services are carried out by the Pharêthôn.

In the Chaos War, Dax opened up another theater of conflict called the Lich Front. His Black Tide joined up with others of like-mind in the Sekbire Pact.