The Urkuzîr family is a Minâth house that came to power during the reign of King Phenul-Tamrâk. Lady Salêth Urkuzîr became the Queen of King Phenul-Tamrâk. When he died, she ruled for another 14 years (c.f. Leaders) under the Kingdom of Urkuzîr.

The Urkuzîr's influence and power has come from their wealth. During the First Epoch, they controlled the extensive mines of the Imrabêl valley. They are one of the noble houses of Minâth-Nôrî. The Urkuzîrs left Gulimbor with the rest of the fleeing masses during the Great Exodus (998 - 1017).

In 1719, the family sold the deed for Laughing Hairfoot and Fermin to the Shinszelmoggits. They are reported to have made 4,000,000 gold pieces in the deal.

In Cinazan they continued their mining businesses. The Urkuzîrs are staunch supporters of the Church of Set. As a result, they have considerable influence in the Pharzîmrâth.

The families wealth was hit very hard during the Cinazan Front. As a result of the territorial losses of the Khazarkar Empire, the Urkuzîrs lost all production from the Armânuk silver mines.

Most of the Urkuzîr family is in Barun-Mitân. They have a number of keeps and castles protecting their mining interests. Some of these strongholds are in the frontier borders of the Khazarkar Empire. As a result, they often serve as the eyes and ears of the empire.