Azrik is a southwestern region of the continent Karterus. It is sited west of Gulimbor, north of Hive and south of Ma'Ohari. Its western border is the sea inlet Salzârrâk.

The central part of the region once held an enormous volcano named Hermir Azrik. The caldera rim of this volcano is barely visible today with erosion, time, and ocean waters having swallowed much of it. When this volcano collapsed, a large part of it was flooded by ocean water creating the bay Thrawkrall. Because of Hermir Azrik, Azrik's lowlands around Thrawkrall have a black nutrient-rich soil. In good growing years, this soil leads to bumper crops.

In 785, minotaurs began arriving in this region. These minotaurs, former slaves of the First Khazarkar Empire, went on to form two centers of influence, the peaceful ones went north to Ilfongrak and the warmongering ones went south where they became the Ba'lith Empire.

The Underdark region beneath Azrik is called Maleddanar. There is extensive trade between the surface and this Underdark region.

The cities of Azrik are sometimes referred to as the Cities of the Caldera.

Cities of the Caldera
City 4FoundedElevation
Merorarg2620 LE750'