Class18th lvl fighter / 24th lvl necromancer
10th lvl Thrall of Graz'zt
RaceToomrur ogre-magi
TitleDictator of the Ogre Union
Alignmentchaotic evil

This ogre-magi has been around for hundred of years. He became a notable personage when Squad X7E found him at Trygrorm. This keep was an outpost of the Sanguine Whispers and Mordkon was then a liaison between the Sanguine Whispers and the stone giants of Geimsein (c.f. Storsald).

His primary duty as an agent of the Sanguine Whispers was to monitor the activities of the Southern Military District of the Orchish Empire.

On investigation of Geimsein, Squad X7E found the place to be a smoking ruin with many butchered stone giants and humanoids. The few survivors reported that Mordkon Bluefang had turned on them and allowed Monty's Marauders (c.f. Monty the Mad) to enter Geimsein through secret passages.

Mordkon served with Monty's Marauders for a time, until having a falling out with Monty the Mad.

The traitorous Mordkon next appeared in the Ogre Union. In his travels, Mordkon befriended a shadow dragon named Torfillifius. Together, this pair set out to take control of the Ogre Union.

After much internal strife and war, the Ogre Union gained some semblance of unification under Mordkon and Torfillifius.

Mordkon became a shade after meeting a yuan-ti of Crimson Eye, Inc. named Bilesiss.