Chaos War

boots of the Horde of Chaos
Period1828 - Current
Theatervaries by war

Like no other war to date, the Chaos War has embroiled numerous empires in its bloodshed. As of today, over four hundred thousand souls have been killed in the fighting, several cities laid to waste, some turned to chaos ruins, and empires wiped off the map.

The war started in Flux when the area was swept with the winds of the Chaos Maelstrom. In 1828, a direct descendant of a Slaad Hexos, the black slaad Ushgergoon, mobilized the entire fighting-age population of Neeth-Theen. This Chaos War started in northern Brucrumus with the Cinazan Front. It expanded outward to other continents and regions with no pattern.

Until 1832, the war was blamed on the Chaos Maelstrom, with Neeth-Theen considered a casualty of its chaotic emanations. This thinking changed after an Entropy Arch was opened in the Khazarkar city Sapthiladân. The Entropy Arch opened a rift between Chaos and the world Bal-Kriav. Out of this rift, emerged the primordial lord Drachmon and the 3rd Horde of Chaos. Since he is a primordial lord, some think that Drachmon is the true leader of the Flux Pact, and the behind the war's start.

Theaters of Conflict
WarRegionMain Adversaries
Cinazan FrontIce Cap, Cinazan
Flux Pact
Khazarkar Empire
Grashakh FrontGrashakh
Womb Alliance
Shadow Alliance
Orchish Empire
Lich FrontGrashakh
Sekbire Pact
Toomrur Hegemony