RegionLands of Purity
OwnerDivine Empire
Founded14 Kindle 1560

Rumakarrûs was founded by a fanatical sect of Athena worshiping soldiers. These veteran soldiers of the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), held a more militaristic view of Athena tenets and did not get along well with the other Athena sects in the southern areas of the Lands of Purity. As such, they came to this area with their families and formed a small settlement in the Year 1560. The most devout and militaristic of these families were the Gudyazas.

The location of Rumakarrûs on the Bog Sea made it a boon for trade with the Clans. The village quickly grew in size. When the Hîngar-Hloth canal was completed, Rumakarrûs experienced a dramatic increase in trade revenues and a population boom. It remained an independent city-state even though Malacost desired its inclusion in the empire. After the Buruthran War (1824 - 1829 ), Rumakarrûs became the capital of the Divine Empire.

The city is sited on the eastern coasts of the Bog Sea. The religious fervor of the citizens has led to many crusades against the infidels of the Northern Hordelands and inquisitions against the people of the surrounding lands. The faith of the Rumakarrûs citizens are the epitome of lawful good.

The Hîngar-Hloth canal bisects the city. Massive bridges span the 200' wide canal, the smaller bridges used for foot travel are built high enough to span the tallest of masts.

The growth of the city has long since expanded beyond the city walls, with towns and villages being absorbed into the city. The city stretches as far as the walls of Krumisbar. The outer walls of the city, along with towers, temples, and other important structures of the city were either built or being rebuilt with a holy stone called Dušullu-Ošur.

Rumakarrûs is predominately peopled by Tragarans, Theegans and Eenkai.

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