Energy Weapons

soldier with a Hell Cannon
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Energy weapons are devices using energy as one of their modes of attack. They can be energy grenades, artillery firing energy encapsulated in shells, or as a ranged weapon attachment for hand-held weapons.

The two most common classes of hand-held energy weapons are Gith Lances and Night Howlers. The former are inventions of the Har'kish Empire and weapon makers of the Githlar√Ęk. Of diametric energy to the Gith Lance, Night Howlers deliver negative energy damage. These anti-life weapons are common among the Pyrmidian Ghouls home to Bal-Kriav's Pyramids of Power.

In a typical hand-held weapon design, a narrow tube of Ceratimus runs from pommel to the weapon tip. In this shaft, a Crystal Rod is inserted. On the hilt of the weapons is a button, knob, or twisting grip. Upon activation, a shard pierces the crystal rod, releasing the energy down the barrel. For the Night Howlers, this is a bolt of inky black energy following by what sounds like a howling, wailing wind, and for the Gith Lances, a jagged bolt of oscillating blue-white energy.

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