Energy Weapons

soldier with a Hell Cannon
Typeenergy weapons
ClassesOscillostrokes, Night Howlers

Energy weapons are devices using energy as their mode of attack. The two most common classes of energy weapons are Oscillostrokes and Night Howlers. Oscillostrokes, named for their beams of oscillating positive energy, are common among Har'kish and Githlar√Ęk soldiers. Of diametric energy to the Oscillostrokes, are the Night Howlers. Powered by negative energy, these anti-life weapons are common among the Pyrmidian Ghouls living inside the Pyramids of Power.

The technology for making these weapons has been found in two places. The plans for making Night Howlers has been found in several Pyramids of Power. The plans for making both Night Howlers and Oscillostrokes are also in the Libram of Aggda. Since the book and the Pyramids are of Lith-Crillion origin, it is generally believed that the technology was invented by them.

In the typical weapon design, a narrow tube of ceratimus runs from pommel to the weapon tip. In this shaft, a crystal rod, or crystal spear, is inserted. The crystal rods encapsulate energy that is harnessed from energy rifts. These rifts are often guarded or in remote monster infested areas. This makes the use of energy weapons only practical for groups with access to one.

On the hilt of the weapons is a button, knob, or twisting grip. Upon activation, a shard of metal pierces the crystal spear, thereby, releasing the energy in either a bolt of black swirling negative energy or a jagged bolt of oscillating blue-white positive energy.

Black Siege Crossbow

In the Lith-Crillion Era, at Frosvirk, the necromancer Halavile Freydis invented the first black siege crossbow. The heavy weapons fire bolts of negative energy. When fired, crackling black energy encases the spear. Siege crossbows are usually mounted on a wall or tripod, yet ogres and giants have been known to use them as a hand-held weapon. This heavy weapon has a very slow fire rate which results in the loss of two attacks per round. A creature with only one attack would fire it once every three rounds.

Energy Weapon - Long

These are two-handed weapons bored out to contain a barrel or fixed with a barrel under the weapon. To fire the weapon, the barrel is loaded with a crystal rod and either a button is pressed or grip turned to puncture the blasting cap on the bottom of the crystal rod.

Energy Weapon - Short

These are hand-held weapons bored out to contain a barrel or fixed with a barrel under the weapon. To fire the weapon, the barrel is loaded with a crystal rod and either a button is pressed or grip turned to puncture the blasting cap on the bottom of the crystal rod.

Manticore Tongue

The plans for crafting a manticore tongue were recovered from Outpost Prime by Sarin Fveer (c.f. Niras Reev'f) of Crimson Eye, Inc.
The manticore tongue is a spear with four ceratimus tubes attached to its length. Two crystal rods can be fired from the weapon per round. For melee purposes, the manticore tongue is treated as a longspear. It is too unwieldy to be used as a hurling weapon.
Moon Shadow Bolts

Moon shadow bolts are normal crossbow bolts tipped with small crystal rods holding negative energy. They cause an additional 1-4hps of negative energy for each die cast for the missile.

A moon shadow ballista bolt would typically deliver 2-16hps, with an additional 2-8hps of negative energy damage.

On a natural "20", creatures struck by a moon shadow missile must make a Fortitude check (DC15) or be affected as a slow spell for 4 rounds.

Night Howler Guisarme

The night howler guisarme is a potent weapon first crafted by the Pyrmidian Ghouls. The haft of this weapon has two dozen holes along its length, each serving as a relief valve for black wifts of smoke. When a medium wind strikes these holes, they emit a low howling sound. Negative energy courses along the length of the weapon. The head of the weapon discharges some of this energy upon impact, causing normal damage plus an additional 1-4hps of negative energy for each die cast for the missile (2-8 normal + 2-8 negative energy damage). This weapon must be periodically recharged with negative energy to maintain this property. Typically enough "juice" is in the lance for a month of use.

Strike Talon

This massive sword is commonly referred to as a saddle sword. The githyanki initially created the weapon to be used from the backs of red dragons.

The weapons have multiple uses in combat - hacking or by use as a spear for charge. Like the saddle sword, it has a crossbar halfway up the blade. Apart from the crossbar preventing creatures from becoming stuck on the weapon, the crossbar also serves ocillostroke purposes. This crossbar has a unique design about it. One bar is twisted like a narrow grip. The other has a hole in the bar with a cross-hair pattern of metal in it.

A small hole in front of the grip is the location for sticking the multi-chambered vortex cells. The saddle sword only uses the vortex cells. The crystal spears cannot be used with this weapon. The grip is also the clip for the vortex cell. The cross hair on the top crossbar acts as a sight modifier by providing +2 to the attackers attempt to hit when firing from a distance of 20' or more.

Energy Grenade

The energy grenade is a crystalline egg-like device encasing some form of energy like positive energy or negative energy. The positive energy grenades are called pos-grenades and the negative energy grenades are called howler grenades. The area of effect for the energy grenade is a 10' radius (Reflex DC16 for half damage). Energy grenades are 6" diameter, approximately 2" thick in the center and narrowing to 1/4" at the edge. The weapon weights 4lbs.

Positive energy grenades are often called pos-grenades.

SM4Z Energy Grenade Launcher

SM4Z is an acronym for shoulder, mounted, four-tube launcher, and Z for the tube size. This potent weapon is very heavy and bulky. It weighs 400lbs. The device has an arjale apparatus holding four 3' ceratimus tubes.

The SM4Z Pos-Grenade Launcher must be mounted on the shoulder of a very large and broad creature. Any creature less than 20 strength attempting to fire one round from the weapon will be thrown 1-10 feet and suffer a like amount of damage. This damage is cumulative for more rounds fired in one round. The creature must also have a two-foot or wider shoulder area. Otherwise, the creature will incur an additional -4 to their chances to hit.

The weapon has a track allowing it to be pushed into a harness on the back of the creature. The githyanki call this the "prortopino" position. Since the githyanki do not have a word for "rest", linguists believe this means "preparation" in their tongue. The other position is the "ackleek" or attack position.

The SM4Z can fire four energy grenades per round. The weapon becomes less accurate based on the quantity of missiles fired. The grenade table should be used when this weapon is fired. The weapon has normal chances "to-hit" for direct fire, while indirect fire suffers -6 to hit. Each grenade requires a separate "to-hit". The weapon is powered by one obelisk charge for each tube. The "to-hit" for the weapon is modified based on the number of grenades fired in one round:

To-Hit Modifiers
1 grenade-1
2 grenades-2 each
3 grenades-3 each
4 grenades-5 each