RegionLands of Purity
Climatearctic to temperate
MapGalathien Sea

Galathien is a large freshwater sea sited in the Lands of Purity. Numerous settlements dot its shores and carry trade across its great expanse. In some areas of the sea are whirlpools. These magical areas are called the Vortices of Khushnír. Entering one of these whirlpools will, most of the time, safely transport the creature or vessel to an Underdark sea called Ebonmurk. This dark sea is directly under Galathien.

Galathien has many large and small islands. The most mysterious and difficult to find is Denellûth. Unlike the other islands of the sea, this one moves about.

The waters of Galathien are frozen where they meet the every-growing glacial flows of Chemosh. This area is also dotted with large blue-white icebergs. These slow melting blocks of ice occasionally drift far west before succumbing to the rays of Merioss. These icebergs are generally avoided, with sailors suffering from stranded frost giants, which sometimes take out their frustrations by bombarding ships.

Galathien has a lot of commerce. By way of this sea, ships traveling west can make it all the way to Nielalroch. In 1584, Malacost completed the Hîngar-Hloth canal, which links the Bog Sea with Galathien. Vessels seeking access to the Pearl Sea can use any of the four rivers flowing south through the Sylvan Kingdoms; from east to west, these rivers are Tinas, Faldelmar, Lerchadan and the river Tániel.