CategoryFallen Empires
RegionBuccaneer Archipelago, Necrocrypt, Karnegmoth
Alignmentchaotic evil
Reign862 HE - 1011 HE

Abâthigûr was founded by Molakh-Búle. This master necromancer and his people were driven from their home world in the Second Suellk Invasion (430 HE - 537 HE). They went into the Void, drifting through space for three centuries. In 862 HE, they came to Bal-Kriav in a megalithic voidship that would later become known as the Spire of Molakh-Búle. Molakh-Búle was accompanied by his Durkoth followers, their Hydrocur security force, and a subjugated race of humanoids called the Sussgurd. On Bal-Kriav, they began rebuilding their empire. Molakh-Búle named his new empire Abâthigûr, meaning "Reborn Thigûr". It was a tribute to their empire wiped out by the Suellk.

The Spire of Molakh-Búle drifted through the Void for centuries before coming to Bal-Kriav. On entering the atmosphere of this world, the hibernation chambers cooled and released Molakh-Búle and his minions.

It came to rest on the isle of Gathrot. From the bowels of this monolithic structure, came hundreds of Durkoth, thousands of Hydrocur, and the servants - thousands upon thousands of Sussgurd.

- Molakh-Búle, excerpt from his journal - "The New World"

Over a period of nearly 200 years, the empire spread outward from Necrocrypt, southwest into the Buccaneer Archipelago and then as far as the cliff coasts of northern Karnegmoth. They bypassed northern Izagunbar; imperial surveys saying the land too rugged for settlement, and the dangers of old wars and whatever they left behind, too great. In their dealings with other peoples, pirates of the Buccaneer Archipelago, merchants out of Mir'piamauza, and even the self-righteous sea captains out of Leza-Sîk, Abâthigûr learned of Izagunbar's place in the Creation War and the Demon Spawn War. They had great respect, and fear for those that fought in that time. The Durkoth, brought to Bal-Kriav in Helas Vessels, primordial constructions of great power, did not risk settling Izagunbar. Molakh-Búle in particular, did not want to see his nascent empire brought down with the finding of some primordial relic or demon war machine.

The empire's founder Molakh-Búle, and only ruler up until the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE), encouraged the use of the necromantic arts. The presence of roving pacts of undead in the sewers and countryside were destabilizing to the empire. This coupled with the chaotic tendencies of the empire's overseers and police force, the Hydrocur, kept the empire from realizing its full potential.

In the Naudvar War, Abâthigûr sought to subjugate Tuc'hoom. This war was brought to a sudden close with the Sundering of Ghol Markúl.

Abâthigûr began to wane with the Durkoth Descent. Durkoth minions, now master-less, splintered into groups along racial lines. The Hydrocur were leaderless without the Durkoth, and being chaotic and inclined to evil acts, they turned on the Sussgurd and tried to dominate and enslave them. On Necrocrypt, they faced a fierce Sussgurd resistance. The Hydrocur were defeated, retreating to Necrocrypt's smaller islands. After this conflict ended, the fiercest of the resistance fighters had to pay the price for selling their souls for victory. They became known as Cinnuru's Minions, the ghosts of Cinnuru Mine. Seeing inevitable doom, the Hydrocur fled on their watery ships to the northern bays and islands of Athoreon. Necrocrypt's living Sussgurd, for a time benefiting from Cinnuru's Minions, now fell victim to them. The lucky few found passage to Râpha-Sûn and other former Abâthigûr holds along Karnegmoth's shores.

By 1011 HE, the empire was no more, its Hydrocur concentrated around Ginnoth, its Sussgurd were in northern Karnegmoth, and its former leaders, the Durkoth, were building a new empire under the sea at Ogharkú.

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