RegionAerie of Dragons
RaceRed Dragon (Legendary, Dracolich)
TitleLord of Khilgand
Alignmentchaotic neutral
Born9 Brightstar 912 LE
Undead4 Witchrite 1812 HE

At an early age, Nveryioth was cast out, driven from the lands of his mother Ahnutrix. Today, when he tells this story to Khilgand's acolytes and cultists, it is a tale of motherly protection, sending him off because of his mother's two cohorts were jealous of his great intelligence; and poking holes in their plans which he did by way of his mother.

In 1812 HE, nearing death by age, with even magical longevity now only giving days, Khilgand's master asked the help of his old friend Kynux, leader of the dragon cult Sos Vrii. They had been partners for nearly five decades, ever since Kynux came to Nveryioth offering to guard the corridors of his great castle while he took longer and longer naps. In exchange, Kynux got a place to work and access to a treasury that Nveryioth had seemingly gotten bored with.