Osâchar Sphere 412

AliasSphere 412
Formed17 Hollow 1452 DE

The small world Osâchar was once dominated by the Durkoth. During the period 430 HE - 537 HE, they were nearly wiped out by the Suellk. In 537 HE, a small population of Durkoth and their slaves departed Osâchar aboard massive voidships called the Helas Vessels. These vessels drifted through the Void for four centuries. They came to Bal-Kriav and separated across a vast area of Midrêth. These arks contained a number of alien races that now called Bal-Kriav home, these races were the Durkoth, the Theegans, the Sussgurd, the Dromites, the Laupha and the Hydrocur.

Powerful Durkoth leaders called the Saint of Maen came about on this world. The last three to hold this title, Krak-Oth, Neld-Rac, and Rioch Tetrax, went on to become Higher Powers.

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