Onk'ar Decath

Onk'ar Decath, somewhere on Nessus
Great ForgesNessus
Opened15 Hollow 9276 GE
Closed2 Artifice 442 HE

The Onk'ar Decath rift was created in secret by Asmodeus's most loyal confidants. It was built as a line of retreat if he had a falling out with the Quara'tun Covenant. He had reason to suspect he would because of his methods in dealing with the demons.

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), Asmodeus was for a time the supreme leader of all forces of the Quara'tun Covenant. Even with the use of the Wind of Duplicity, his practices on the Forge Worlds eventually came to the attention of the Covenant's more goodly members. These practices included torture, utter soul destruction, genocide against the demons, and putting non-demon allies in labor camps with often inhumane conditions. Spies had also learned that he was diverting souls destined to the Abyss and redirecting them to Dis where they were drawn into an illegally modified Well of Afterlife. The demon souls that were drawn here were changed in alignment to lawful neutral or were driven insane in the process. The insane ones were still chaotic evil, and now in their maddened state too dangerous to keep around, so they were terminated. The sane ones were pressed into service, sent the battlefields of Avernus.

At the time, Ellubôz was a system of negative entropy, neutral to its poles, not yet a Soul Gatherer for the wicked. The Well of Afterlife on Dis changed all that.

The Forge Worlds replaced Gehenna, a place that had originally been set by Bruh Kreniik as the system for such souls.

Secretly helping, backing us, is Bruh Kreniik. He knows the Covenant has not the numbers to deal with Abyss's seemingly infinite demons.

- Melek Taus, contract historian for Asmodeus - "Ellubôz Deal"

When Asmodeus became a Fallen Angel (3 Lunar 9414 GE), it triggered a magical defense, hiding the Onk'ar Decath rift. It was kept secret with Asmodeus eliminating all those that had a hand in building it. Asmodeus used this rift to send agents to Bal-Kriav where they spread his influence surreptitiously. In the Horgon Era, he sent the Piamauza through the rift where they built the settlement Kathodrarg. They built a temple to Asmodeus with the mouth of the rift as the altar. This transplanting of outsiders did not go unnoticed by the gods.

On 2 Artifice 442 HE, Athena worked out a deal with Lukoon. They sent their mortal agents to this temple, destroying its rift with a Null Mine.

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