Malardân Lordak Kadrin

AliasLordak Kadrin
Ownerindependent city-state
DeityArcana, Kossuth
Founded21 Hollow 1850 HE

Beneath the fiery wastes of Borngring is a great cavern. At the heart this area is the lava region of Arnergal. Fire giant shamans from as far back as the fallen empire Hofthorm, claim that this lake is the fiery heart that powers the volcanoes of Steirgar.

In the Horgon Era by a band of wandering Mîmêk came to this area. They founded Lordak Kadrin; Dwarven for Magic Anvil. They built here to tap into arcane energy surging up from Arnergal's deeps.

In 2114 HE, driven by Surtur fanatics, Hofthorm sacked the place. They destroyed Arcana's temples, killing or enslaving the town's entire population. For decades after, Hofthorm continued to send forces down to clear out any who sought refuge here. When the Eldritch Conclave started rebuilding the place, Hofthorm had long since fallen, yet they were beset by marauding bands of fire giants seeking plunder rather than carrying out orders of their god. These fire giants used an old road that leads from the surface to the shores of Arnergal. The giants would then wade or swim across the fiery lake attacking what the Conclave had renamed Malardân. The Conclave ended up collapsing the tunnel and later came to be friends with the fire giants of the various holdings spread across the surface area Borngring.

On a towering plateau above Borngring is what is now called Malardân. In the Second Epoch, following the Eldritch Civil War (1017 - 1027), the remnants of a defeated Eldritch Conclave, came to what was then an imposing ruin. It became the home of rebel Khazarkars yearning to re-establish the magocracy that once ruled supreme in the last years (993 - 1027) of the First Khazarkar Empire. Today, this group, the Eldritch Conclave, is Malardân's most powerful and oldest mage guild. Most belief this group to be the Malardân's true rulers, controlling things behind the scenes.

Hundreds of fire bats dwell in the highest towers of this city. These bats are creatures native to Muspelheim. They have come to this area from a rift inside Arnergal. Malardân is sometimes attacked by fire trolls, salamanders, and other fiery brutes swimming up from Arnergal's deeps.

Beyond the magical font that is inside Arnergal, Malardân is legendary for its resistance to the Khazarkar Empire.

An outfit of mages, numbering in the hundreds, keeping the entire might of the Khazarkar Empire from squashing our resistance movement.

Malardân is home to Khazarkars, fire giants, firenewts, Mîmêk, Drow, Kriavfahliil, and a smattering of other races, including salamanders which live in a warren of old lava tubes near the city's eastern district. The Kriavfahliil came to the city after the Khazarkar Empire subjugated Gilraen. The harshness of the city's condition were not for the weak, so most of those that came here were bent on revenge. They got this when they joined the Eldritch Conclave who has a similar motive of wanting to change-usurp the Khazarkar Empire.

The largest and most imposing structure of the city is Yanâth-Târuk. Part of this fortress exists on Bal-Kriav and several others worlds. It serves as the headquarters for the Eldritch Conclave.

The two strongest churches of this city-state are those dedicated to Arcana and Kossuth. The Church of Arcana has been around the longest. The admittance of the Church of Kossuth came about from continued conflict with fire giants, salamanders and other fiery brutes claiming to be carrying out the whims of Surtur. More often than not a common foe, a pact was made these two Higher Powers where the two churches would work together to keep their enemies at bay. Since the Horgon Era, these churches have not always be the grand edifices they are today, sacked dozens of times, laid to ruins, at times they were nothing more than shrines with only a few about overseeing them. Their most recent big recovery came with the arrival of the Eldritch Conclave and their mage legions and enormous wealth; robbed from the Khazarkar Empire with their defeat in the Eldritch Civil War.

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