Founded9 Dreamer 1019 HE

In 1019 HE, the Hydrocur fled Necrocrypt's isles. Once enforcers for the Durkoth, they boarded their watery ships, travelling to the northern bays of Izagunbar. In the deeps of Ginnoth, they built the settlement of Bue'kaa.

Bue'kaa is five hundred feet underwater. In addition to many water-filled areas, the place has a number of air-filled chambers and passages. In the Horgon Era, these were used by the builder's "landlubber" minions and subjects. The source of air for these places, and general circulation, came from pipes and passages linked to Tua'kee and vents dotting the slopes of Kjar-Eysa.

For six centuries, Bue'kaa was the heart of Hydrocur civilization. They were a people bent on reestablishing their role as overseers of others. They needed minions that would serve as their warriors and workers. They saw a number of problems with those they encountered around them, so in the city's undersea labs, they used parts of the Shiphis Helas, like hibernation bays that had once protected the ship's passengers, and ancient primordial devices designed to capture life energy, along with other things described in the tome Maurgîn-Hîr. It took three centuries, but on 11 Bliss 1285 HE, Bue'kaa's labs created the Elderaunt race.

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