the World Splitter shatters Dûlan-Nûl
CategoryMoon (destroyed)

Dûlan-Nûl was the fourth and smallest moon of Ilabizdum. In 330 HE, it broke apart with pieces colliding with the planet and others sent spiraling through the Void. Some of the fragments sent spiraling into the void entered Bal-Kria's atmosphere. This meteor shower became known as the Dûlan-Nûl Firestorm. For thousands of years it was a mystery as to why the moon broke apart. When Ivory Asylum established colonies on Gorejun they came to learn from the scholars at Meshond that it was the machinations of the Mezrack that caused the catastrophe. A very old Mezrack dwarf named Khelâd-Thûlu is said to have told an elderaunt doctor on his deathbed:

For fifteen years, my kin used a massive city-sized device called the World Splitter. We used this god-made marvel to move through Dûlan-Nûl with ease and exploit many veins of precious ores. As a result of the many finds, we grew rich and reckless. Greed overtook engineering and geological concerns. As a result, our home world shattered. An entire moon destroyed with all its people and creatures!

The Mezrack were lucky, those inside the World Splitter drifted through black emptiness for a year until we came to this realm. Even though it was made by a god, the World Splitter could not withstand the impact with Bal-Kriav. Those inside the central bore survived, while those outside in the super structure, the city dwelling, were all lost. No more than two hundred of us survived from a population of 25,000. It is the greatest shame of our people, and one never talked about, but history must known what we did.

- Khelâd-Thûlu, a Mezrack's dying words to an elderaunt doctor - "Last Words"