Resalth Lingraav

Resalth Lingraav
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasResalth Watch
OwnerAg Envok
Built21 Prey 485 HE
MapHiznaar Goz

In the Horgon Era, a blue dragon named Resalth ruled from this lofty area. This mighty wyrm laired in a massive castle built by fire giant laborers and dragonborn slaves. Aggorath and Muneyd'vith engineers had the place crafted of lava stone, and built the halls and corridors to such a width and height, that dragons can freely fly through the place and into their lairs. The sprawling fortress covers three square miles of ground; and has an equally massive underground complex.

During the reign of the Dominion of Resalth, Resalth Lingraav served as the empire's capital. In the Resalth Arkosia War, the dragon leader Resalth was killed and his petty empire wiped out. Therafter, Resalth Lingraav became an outpost of the Arkosian military.

When Ag Envok came to power, they re-built Resalth Lingraav and made it the capital of their empire.

Resalth Lingraav is sited in a steamy valley with numerous geysers, bubbling pools, and constant rumbling from geothermal activity. The volatile nature of the valley Shik Lingrahso makes Resalth difficult to reach by those restricted to the ground. The jagged towers and spires of the bastion sit on a plateau 500' above the geyser fields and steamy waterways that flow below it.

Under the Ag Envok, the castle's walls and towers were brought up-to-date. They were crafted with the aid of stone giants and elementals. Fire archons were employed to blast and seal the fortifications making it look like series of seamless walls and towers.

At the heart of Resalth Lingraav, in a quartz and jewel encrusted palace chamber is the Star Ruby Throne. This ancient throne dates back to the time of the Arkhosians.

The underground areas of this fortress are wet and damp from leaks to the surface river. Many creatures of the Underdark take up residence in this underground labyrinth, as even the rulers of the place have long forgotten the location of all the chambers and corridors.

Civilization Tree
Resalth Lingraav
Dominion of Resalth
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