March of Resalth

Hiznaar Goz
Period898 HE - 933 HE
TheaterAerie of Dragons
BelligerentsDominion of Resalth
various other small groups
MapHiznaar Goz

March of Resalth was a series of wars undertaken by the dragon emperor Resalth and his ace general Balfroglemis. Resalth used cunning and charm to turn various groups along his war path against each other or to his side. When these tactics failed, the military genius of Balfroglemis went to work.

One of the peoples of Hiznaar Goz who joined the army of Balfroglemis was the Vex Viing. They were shunned by the other Kriistvrii of the area because of their barbaric and often wicked ways. Because of this they joined up with the Dominon of Resalth and got a taste of war and put the Lumnaar Hok in their place when they helped sack the city in 899 HE.

After the fall of Lumnaar Hok, Balfroglemis shifted operations north into Goldrah Fusvok Rahn. In this valley they began cutting a road and dealing with the stone giants inhabiting the ancient fortifications of Oratu Iru.

The armies of Balfroglemis were bolstered when they defeated the stone giants of Oratu Iru. The fire giants of Vith Ruus, long foes of the stone giants, welcomed the victors. Dozens of fire giants were convinced to join the growing might of the Dominion of Resalth.

After securing Vith Ruus, Balfroglemis continued his southern advance. His army was joined by hill giants, kobolds and bugbears looking to settle old scores with the dwarves of the Khage and silver dragons home to Feykro Silon. In one of the battles to secure the valley part of this forest, the invader's leader Balfroglemis fell to a pack of weave spiders. With the loss of his best commander, Resalth took charge of the army, going on to sack the Khage's great bastion Thadir. After the fall of this place, Resalth's forces shifted back north to deal with probing by Kriistvrii forces out of Gaard Goraag.

The fall of Thadir marked the end of the March of Resalth, and started the Zeymah'kein Resalth War.

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