Founded17 Hollow 481 LE

In the Lith-Crillion Era, seeking precious ores, Ilagandam prospectors headed into Aerruxa then to the Underdark city Urbal Nabad. They boarded elemental barges where they were towed up the Earth Seam by earth elementals; at the time, only Earthen could go against the Seam's current. At the Bandu cave network, they discovered thick gold veins. This gold, to the jealousy of Urbal Nabad, went back down the river, through Urbal Nabad, then up their elevators to Ilagandam. The barges of gold ore coming out of Bandul made the mining camp Mazal-Maram a place of wealth and growth. The mining heads of Mazal-Maram were also the settlement's governors. They looked at the problems of getting up the Earth Seam, forging costly treaties with the Seam's earth elementals, the increasing tolls imposed by Urbal Nabad, and sooner or later paying tolls to their Ilagandam masters. In the interests of security, and future prosperity, they dug upwards to the surface, founding Tholig-Mizin. This opened up trade with the people's around them, and gave Mazal-Maram a place to refine their gold ore.

This gold seam rose upwards for thousands of feet with thick areas of gold the size of an ogre's thigh followed by hundreds of feet of only traces, sprinkles here and there, until nearing the surface where it split into four directions.

The elementals of the Earth Seam, akin to the boatmen of the Styx, are prone to demanding precious metals and gems. Some can even be hired to help navigate the Earth Seam. Their services don't come cheap, and they take affront to free passage of areas they chaotically deem as theirs. You can sometimes get through without bother, but other times, they demand a toll, and because of their nature, they can sense how much gold, silver, iron, gems, or whatever comes from Geb's grace, that you have.

- Zûn Rakhs, dwarf mining boss, from his diary - "Gold Spring"

Over the next thirty years, thanks largely to mining wealth passing through, Tholig-Mizin had grown with its Underdark brother. In 555 LE, they ceded from Ilagandam. Since the distances were so large between the city-state Ilagandam and the newly formed city-state Tholig-Mizin, minimal conflict came from this newfound independence.

Tholig-Mizin prospered over the next century. This prosperity did not go noticed. It drew the interests of the red dragon Urkra'gom. Alone, this great wyrm was never able to muster the strength or ingenuity to capture Tholig-Mizin. This changed in the Kilth Deeps War. In this conflict, the Reds of Kilth joined forces. Tholig-Mizin was the first city to fall to them.

After the fall of Varelay, the dwarves returned to their ruined cities and began rebuilding. When the empire Smizerak was established, the dwarves voted unanimously in favor of joining the empire - none wanted to be divided and subject to conquer again like what happened in Kilth Deeps War.

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