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Hou'tzor is an icy bone-strewn valley of Aettein. The ice of this region is not blue and white like that of Ice Cap, but instead gray like ash with fields of white from bones bleached by the winds. In the Horgon Era, the dwarves of Izdurgrak defended this valley from giants seeking to take western Khalas.

This valley became haunted in 1537 HE when an eldritch giant lich named Erthjorn sent his undead legions against Izdurgrak. They tore apart two legions of dwarves in the siege, but were themselves defeated. Erthjorn was surrounded and killed, but his essence was so powerful that it drained into the landscape, leaving the valley forever tainted with negative energy and plagued with unusual weather. After this event, the valley became home to innumerable undead with giants, dwarves, and anything else perishing in it, rising not long after. The Black Tide have used Hou'tzor's undead raising magic on prisoners, slaughtering them by the dozen and then taking charge of them when they rise.

Creating undead at Hou'tzor can be a very dangerous operation, as things more powerful than the guards and priests can rise from some corpse and cause havoc among or complete destruction to the work party.

- Dead Saint, of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan - "Hou'tzor Harvesting"

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