Sunken Bâluzrik
Built3 Temporal 952 HE

Bâluzrik was an inland citadel of the Abâthigûr empire. The Durkoth had their Sussgurd minions build it above Ghol Markúl's jungle heat and muggy conditions. These along with disease made the lowlands of this island a miserable place. It was a needed place to be though, for the wood of the Hullback Forest proved to be the best for making ships.

Before the island was broken in the Sundering of Ghol Markúl, Bâluzrik served as a command and administrative center for islands being added to the Abâthigûr empire. In the Naudvar War, it became the headquarters for the advance upon the islands around the Naudvar channels and those laying claim to that area. When Ghol Markúl was split apart, Bâluzrik found itself on the coasts with half of the city under water. Abâthigûr's abandoned the ruined city and all of the Buccaneer Archipelago with the end of the Naudvar War.

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