Ownerindependent city-state
Fire Giant5%
Founded14 Hollow 9043 GE
MapYol Skerah

Jothvauk is an Underdark town of sector Yol Skerah; a hot fiery part of the region Adunamar that is known to some as simply Fire Belly. Fire giants began building this hold in the God Era. At the time, the Demon Spawn War was raging across the surface of the Aerie of Dragons and into parts beneath it. The giants fled the mining pits of Vith Ruus and went deep underground, building their bastion near the center of a magma lake. Their citadel held out against all demon attacks. This was mainly because the demons were more focused on taking Oratu Iru.

After the armies of Asmodeus pushed the demons east, the fire giants returned to the surface and continued their mining of Vith Ruus. They went on to ally with Tiamat in the First Dragon Wake (9251 GE - 9269 GE). Most of those that joined her died defending Gelok Himdah.

The fire giant population recovered from joining the wrong side of the war. The population expanded to include Fyrreid archons, salamanders, and other fiery brutes. They have traded with empires that have come and gone, and since the Demon Spawn War have remained neutral to the conflicts that happen on the surface.

Unlike most other fire giant populations, those of Jothvauk predominately worship Tiamat rather than Surtur.