Anzar...the ice climbs
RegionCinazan, Grashakh
MapAnzar Glacier

Anzar is a vast unnatural glacier that begins in sector Darmaer near the Core Sea. Its southward edge is high up in the Olmi Hjark mountains. It flows north to south, against elevation. At its lowest in the grassy plains west of Midrurgrune, this glacier is 2500' above sea level and at its highest in the Giant Steps it has an elevation of 17,000'.

The Anzar glacier came about in the Horgon Era; as a spillover that can happen when a bridge is created between worlds. This bridge is the Fjorstaki Rift.

Its heart, the Fjorstaki ruin. Look south, upon a field of eerie white ice as it ceaselessly expands. It goes where it wants, even up mountains, as if the Laws of Nawirrûs do not apply to it.


Anzar is a root of Chaos, leave it long enough, the masters of that realm will come.

- Voronil, of Quadrax, of the 7th Discipline, lecture excerpt from the Eastern Shar - "Roots of Chaos"

Anzar's surface advance was stopped in the Ice Pillar War. This was a conflict where Glangveif and Hofthorm were proxies in the continuing struggle between the gods Surtur and Thyrm.

In the Horgon Era, this glacier was the heart of the mighty frost giant empire Glangveif. This empire became a rich nation from the vast Fimbulwinter Gold veins inside the ice. Today, these dead mines and tunnels are either buried or filled in with water from the formation of lake Kedmaer and normal melting. After the fall of Glangveif, the area started being called Anzar after the frost giant shaman behind the rift's opening.