Anzar...the ice climbs
RegionCinazan, Grashakh
MapAnzar Glacier

Anzar is a vast glacier that begins in sector Darmaer near the Core Sea. Its southward edge is high up in the Olmi Hjark mountain range. The glazier is an unnatural one, flowing north to south, against elevation. At its lowest in the grassy plains west of Midrurgrune, the wall of ice is 2500' above sea level. At its highest, near the waters of Kedmaer, it sits at 17,000'.

The Anzar glacier is a side effect of the Fjorstaki Rift (613 HE - present).

Its heart, the Fjorstaki ruin. Look south, upon a field of eerie white ice as it ceaselessly expands. It goes where it wants, even up mountains, ignorant and immune to the laws.

Anzar is a root of Chaos. Leave it long enough, the masters of that realm will come.

- Voronil, of Quadrax, of the 7th Discipline, lecture excerpt from the Eastern Shar - "Roots of Chaos"

In the Horgon Era, Anzar was the heart of the mighty frost empire of Glangveif. Home to frost giants and other icy peoples, it grew rich from the area's Fimbulwinter Gold.

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