First Suellk Invasion

illithid and victim
Period135 HE - 150 HE
githyanki and githzerai of Ghífthauk

The First Suellk Invasion was an attack on Ghífthauk's githyanki and githzerai populations. The Suellk made the transit from the moon Ráglauth to Ghífthauk by way of a massive void fleet. This fleet, the Revered Minds, attacked three outlying settlements simultaneously. In each attack, they came in by surprise and were initially unstoppable. As the githyanki and githzerai learned of the fall of their outer holds, they organized a sterner resistance.

They came in at Dawn's Grace. The bolts of Khâls Forge impaired our visibility, and an unusual fog came in from the lake. The farthest tower sent a message by raven. It said humanoids donned in black leather suits with attachments like an array of leather tubes, and flailing tentacles where their face should be - illithids. They are the unit leaders and more organized and deadly than what we've seen before. Nearly everyone around me and on the walls were knocked down by some force that assailed the senses. After this initial assault, ladders were brought up from the lake by what appeared to be half lizardfolk, and half something akin to their squad leaders. These shock troops have a head of flailing tentacles, some with a sigils burned into their bodies, and a mind blasting power similar to their leaders. By the time my platoon got to their senses from the initial mind blast, they were hit again by a lesser strength one from the shock troops. They are now securing the outer walls and two towers, and long canoes are approaching the beach. The boats, numbering in the hundreds, each hold a dozen elves. These are similar to those that raid us, except something is different about them - they are alive and seemingly lacking any emotion of the battle they are about to enter.

- from a sheet of vellum found by Svirlido explorers, "Fall of Sciretius"

The Suellk Invasion happened at the most opportune time for the invaders. The githyanki and githzerai had just come out of a brutal century of conflict and were unprepared for a war against an unknown enemy. The illithid invasion was supplied from their home world by Silver Mirrors. These devices allowed a steady stream of weapons, troops, and supplies to be moved from the moon Ráglauth to the besieged world Ghífthauk.

In 150 HE, the githyanki and githzerai of Ghífthauk were subjugated by the Suellk - the beginning of fourteen centuries of servitude.