RegionCinazan, Faeglor
DarmaerRiwthorHarknori Reach

Guldat is a dead volcano sited in the southeastern reaches of Borngring. In the Lith-Crillion Era, Guldat served as the home of a large band of fire giants. Back then the volcano was active, but this did not stop the giants from building a basalt and pitchstone castle called Harknori. Over the next one hundred years, it slowly grew to be a castle and walled town with nearly 200 giants.

In the Horgon Era, Guldat's giants came to be led by a charismatic and powerful fire giant named Kelksorli. When Guldat erupted in 110 HE, the eruption provided the "ideal" opportunity for the fire giants to go on a massive offensive against the Volgad. Guldat's eruption resulted in enormous amounts of lava. The flows turned turned into rivers that slowly made their way north. In what became known as the Lava Flood War, the fire giants used these rivers to assault the holdings of the Volgad.

The 110 HE eruption of Guldat was anything but natural. It flowed continuously, right up until the fall of Imrik. There is no doubt in mind, that Kelksorli was being helped by Surtur.

- Azôn Zinabêth, Nithian historian of Volgad, from vol. 3 of "The Volgads"

In 125 HE, the same year that Imrik fell to the giants, Guldat went inactive. Some theologians claim that the 125 HE eruption was certainly Surtur's doing.

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