RegionAerie of Dragons
MapKrein Jusk

Minulkazar is one of the thirteen swamps that make up the greater swamp Por Trumgol. Minulkazar was named after a yellow dragon that reigned over the area during part of the Lith-Crillion Era.

Minulkazar is a cold wetland, swept with winds coming down from Rah Burdah. The waters flowing down the southern rim of this mountain range drain into Minulkazar and then flow west over the ridge Mah Grel. The swamp has large areas of water and rivulets. These areas afford movement of large shambog rafts and whatever they are holding to move about the swamp. In the rainy season, these become so wide and deep that even the city-state Zomaar Yelvaad can move freely about 50% of the swamp.

Minulkazar is often swept by the chilling winds coming down from the Inzurakthol plateau, winds that all agree got much colder after the disaster wrought by the Ice Tear.

Notable Areas