Bones of Khilgand
Built19 Lunar 1594 HE

Castle Khilgand is north of the Branchard hills. It is the abode of the red dragon dracolich Nveryioth. This beast has been around since the Horgon Era, and even though it is a dracolich, she spends a considerable amount of time sleeping. This is not an unguarded sleep, with her served by members of Sos Vrii.

Khilgand was built in the Horgon Era by those that worshiped Nveryioth as a god, along with thousands of slaves. She had the mortar of the place mixed with the powdered remains of a primordial sand worm named Khilgand. The petrified remains of this worm, one slain when Golruwyrm perished in the Creation War, were plundered from the Sands of Hell and then carted and carried nearly 400 miles to the construction site.

Late in the Horgon Era, the forces of Khilgand threatened as far north as Belêth-Kazîr where they were checked by the eldritch giants and their army of mages, golems, and magical creatures. By the beginning of the Second Epoch, Khilgand laid claim to territory as far west as Sareon and always were in some sort of conflict with the minions of Rilthang. Later on in the Second Epoch, Nveryioth was no longer the aggressor with the Orchish Empire proving too big to tackle. The High Command forged a treaty with Nveryioth that alloted her gold for maintaining Khilgand and other expenses. In return, she would aid the Orchish Empire in any conflicts in sector Thingrorn. As time went on, Khilgand became a place to support Vith Alok rather than a marshaling area for conquest.

Khilgand's garrison is comprised of several hobgoblin tribes, nearly 10,000 soldiers. They compete for Nveryioth's approval, giving arise to frequently fighting between tribes and their factions. Khilgand's defenses also include a skeletal legion which is mainly used to occupy the vastness of the place and deter any who seek to plunder its rumored riches. These rumors are often spread by Nveryioth with the intent of luring adventurers into her lair.

Notable Areas