OwnerBlack Tide of Thasmudyan
Founded27 Artifice 915 HE

Mularûn is located on the isle of Urêthîn. This city was built in the Horgon Era by the Abâthigûr. One of the few remaining structures of the original builders is a very large prison called Barâb-Tarban. This place housed the criminals of the empire, and other life forms under study. Of the criminals, it is said many ended up here without charge, incarcerated because someone didn't like them. The prison also served as a source for "lab rats". These subjects were used in magical and anatomical tests.

In 1011 HE, the Abâthigûr Empire fell. Mularûn and other places across the isles of Necrocrypt became ruins, some plagued by the souls of those that suffered terrible pain and suffering at Barâb-Tarban.

When the Durkoth left for the deeps, the Hydrocur raided Barâb-Tarban. They carried off documents, lab notes, and other items of interest. Three centuries later, the Hydrocur would use things found in Mularûn's prison lab in the creation of the Elderaunt race.

- excerpt from the Aquan Codex

Even today, mortal sailors keep a respectable distance from the island. At night, and under full moons, the sky above the city is filled with apparitions. Sometimes, these spirits scream and the effects are deadly to some creatures.

With the end of the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), this ancient ruin was re-built. Dax Jagg, member of the Dead Council, started rebuilding the place as a holding for the Black Tide of Thasmudyan. Today, Mularûn is the largest port city of the Black Tide. The city's harbor is sited on eastern coasts of Urêthîn. The currents that pass through the Gizronâs channel are very strong. As a result, either a Mularûn pilot must be hired or the ship's pilot must be very skilled to avoid ending up smashing into the harbor walls.

Some of the oldest tomes of necromantic practices, and non-mortal lore are in the libraries of Mularûn. Many of the tomes stored here date to the time of the Horgon Empire (159 HE - 537 HE).

Perhaps the city's greatest line of defense are twelve magical towers that float over the city and along the Gizronâs channel. The Twelve Eyes of Mularûn are built with arrow slits and apertures along their sides and cannon ports facing downward from each tower's pointed bottoms. They defend the Gizronâs channel, proving very effective at attacking ships which in turn have great difficulty in angling high enough to attack the towers.

Commerce with outsiders, with nearly all shunning undead, is done in the harbor district. These mercantile activities are handled by Pyrmidian Ghouls that once guarded the Pyramid of Merioss. In the Black Tide War, they joined the armies of the Black Tide. When the Black Tide was driven from Brucrumus in the Artery War (1546 - 1554), they fled to Necrocrypt with their masters.

The city has a partially submerged area called Faladrorn. In this area, the city's intelligent undead merchants trade with sahuagin and other evil aquatic races.

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