ruins of Imrik
RegionIce Cap
Founded9 Artifice 2711 LE

Imrik was founded by Nithian tribesmen of northern Borngring. From a fort, it grew to be a strong citadel and then a city-state.

In 2822 LE, the Volgad Kingdom was founded, with Imrik its capital. The major threat to the Volgads were the fire giants of southern Borngring. The two came into more bitter conflict as time passed and then a great war ensued. The climax of what became known as the Lava Flood War (110 HE - 125 HE), was the eruption of the Guldat volcano, spewing rivers of lava for seven long months. The fire giant tribes, each led by their own chieftain, used these fiery rivers to assail Volgad holdings. In the last days of the Siege of Imrik, the god Surtur appeared, using his blade Aratourn to smash a great hole in Imrik's near-impregnable wall. Knowing his rash act to be a violation of the Mandate of the Heavens, he disappeared as quickly as he came. The first through the great gap in the wall was a charismatic leader, a one armed brute named Kelksorli.

When the walls of Imrik were breached, in an obvious violation of the Mandate of the Heavens, the attackers were met by an elite guard girded by Arcana. The Šukhan, might and noble defenders, remained behind to cover the retreat of stragglers and delay certain doom.

Imrik held out long enough. By the fifth year of the conflict, the majority of the population had already left Borngring. They went north through Steirgar and into Cinyossion. It was our hope that the giants would not pursue us north.

- Gûnê, 4th Principal of the 3rd Tier Scholar of Tamlêrran - "Imrik Migration"

Those that defended Imrik in its last days were the elite city guard, the 2,000 warrior-mages of the Šukhan Legion. They all perished in the streets and towers of Imrik, completing their oath to protect the escape of the civilians and Volgad's retreating army. In 125 HE, Imrik was captured by the fiery brutes serving in one destined to lead his people to greater glory.

Imrik was never resettled. Those that tried claimed too many problems below, Phaerssysn drow angry with the loss of their trading partner, illithid hunting parties, and strange things coming out of a subterranean complex beneath Imrik which in better times had served as the base of the Šukhan Legion. This complex is Geledh, where warrior-mages studied arcane energy, practiced their stealthy ways, always training for battle either in small units or in platoons.

In the Chaos War, a group of heroes made it to Imrik, one writing of a haunting:

All say the same thing, at night, just as they are drifting off, the faint battle cries in Nidurrâb, or distant thunderous crashes, the sound of charging giant footfalls, as if a battle raged just a street away. Some say they hear other things that are even more unnerving, and it get worse, stay too long you risk becoming a raving lunatic or gripped in suicidal despair. One of our own succumbed to the latter, a new recruit, centaur oddly enough, sent by someone high up to help and no doubt watch us. It seemed were were becoming pretty important, needed for something epic. Laban-Tîr would be the first to fall to Imrik's Whispers.

- Chisel, from his journal on Imrik and Geledh - "Imrik's Whispers"

Some of the surface areas of Imrik have been rebuilt over the years. The fiery red scaled Drimgath orcs spent time here, then fire giants of a Hlimi Prince staked claim to the area, and later the Ingrith trolls came to hold the place until they were driven out by Sahqon Lok Maar and his Botaff lackeys.

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