CategoryFallen Empires
RegionIce Cap
Aphelzâk125 HE - 527 HE
Imrik2822 LE - 125 HE
DeitiesPtah, Arcana
EnemiesGadstill Dynasty, fire giants of Guldat
Reign2822 LE - 527 HE

Late in Lith-Crillion Era, the Nithians at Imrik established the kingdom of Volgad. It was centered on the upper reaches of Borngring where they meet the Cinyossion Forest In its early years, the Volgads traded foodstuffs and other manufactured goods with the giants and other peoples of the area. This usually made the Volgad's wealthy at the expense of some unruly neighbors.

The greatest threat to the Volgad were the fire giants of southern Borngring; those that would go on to establish the Hofthorm Monarchy. The hostilities between the Nithians and the giants lasted nearly three centuries. The last great conflict with the fire giants was the Lava Flood War (110 HE - 125 HE). When this conflict turned bad for the Volgads, they began leaving Borngring. In 125 HE, Imrik fell. By this time, most of the empire's population had re-settled at Aphelzâk and other newly established settlements in the Cinyossion forest.

The Volgads thrived in Cinyossion for four centuries. When the giants of Gadstill Dynasty starting coming down from Ice Cap, threatening them with annexation, the people began talking of another "Imrik Migration". A number of noble houses, including the royal family sought to stay and fight the Gadstill Dynasty. The ministers of defense, notably a council of arch-mages, counseled against the suicide of remaining in a land with a Titan Empire to the north and the fire giant empire of Hofthorm in the south. Most decided to leave for Magrâbik with the help of Volgad's arch-mages. About 5,000 loyalists stayed behind to defend the kingdom; along with storied units like the Šukhan Legion.

In Magrâbik, the refugees, less many of the nobles and royalty, settled around a castle called Yatthânûr. Here, a council of arch-mages became their new leaders, forming on 29 Bloom 528 HE, the Tamlêrran Empire.

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