Ankh of Phalgas Pyre Mug

Typeartifact, legendary
AliasPyre Mug
LocationPrism of Merioss

When the Satyr general Licuiluin, a fervent champion of good, captured Drachlaz and killed the last of the ancient vampires, he and his army burned the undead in a single towering pyre. They prayed to Phalgas and then went through hundreds of kegs and three dozen Kazzatar pigs.

When the first rays of Merioss shined on the smoldering ashes, something glimmered. The few awake and coherent looked around, then they saw their great general walk into the ash pile and pull out an un-charred mug. It was ornamental, but nothing out of the ordinary for a noble, and paled in comparison to what General Licuiluin carried around in his packs. The general felt something was different about this mug and kept it.

- Zarrek, arch-mage of the Prism of Merioss, "The Pyre Mug"

What came to be known as the Pyre Mug, was found on the last day of the First Merioss Crusade. This ornamental mug passed down many generations of Radiant Masters. It was used in high-level ceremonies and to perform great acts of healing. After a time, someone figured got out that this was not just a mug, but a relic forged by the god Phalgas. This relic is the Ankh of Phalgas, which to some appears as a mug, chalice, or piece of jewelry.

Radiant Cross lost the item in one of the battles with the forces of darkness. They have never sought to recover it because of a belief that says they lost it because of losing Phalgas's favor.

The Ankh of Phalgas is a powerful artifact used for life-prolonging, rejuvenation, and the destruction of undead. It was forged by the deity Phalgas. To some it appears as a chalice, and incorrectly called the Grail of Phalgas, or Holy Grail of Phalgas. To the peoples of Smizerak and Radiant Cross, it was the Pyre Mug. In its truest form, as when worn by Naggor Stormhand, it appeared as an ordinary looking ankh.

In the Third Epoch, the Ankh of Phalgas was used by the Golden Elite to restore the damages wrought by the Black Tide of Thasmudyan. The artifact cleansed the landscape of the Sylvan Kingdoms, restoring the area to much of its former beauty. It also benefitted them by restoring their youth and vitality. At the time, they were adventurers were well beyond their years for adventuring, but after drinking from the chalice they were given youth while keeping all the knowledge and skills of a seasoned man or woman wise with age.

Following the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), the Ankh of Phalgas was secured in a vault deep inside the Prism of Merioss.

Phalgas created this artifact by concentration life energy into it. This was done with ten Sparks of Creation.

Life Giver as true resurrection spell1/day
Phalgas's Glare as sunbeam spell3/day
Vitality restores youth - any age desired7/year
Tier 4 Creation functions as a Tier 4 Creationist1/month