Last Burn

Hiznaar Goz
Period1577 HE - 1600 HE
TheaterAerie of Dragons
VS Zeymah'kein
MapHiznaar Goz

The Burns, or Burn Wars, were conflicts between Mir'piamauza and the Zeymah'kein.

A little over fifty years following the Third Burn (1504 HE - 1522 HE), the aptly named Last Burn, was waged between the Zeymah'kein and Mir'piamauza. It was to be a war of domination, the goal of complete eradication of the other's empire. Galirkrad was enticed to join as ally with the promise of an end to all worship of Bahamut with Zeymah'kein's defeat.

This war was started a year after the Third Dragon Wake (1575 HE - 1576 HE). During that time the dragons ran amok in the Aerie of Dragons destroying, killing, and looting - including attacking each other. Everyone suffered from this year long dragon rampage. The Zeymah'kein suffered more than others; some say the dragons of the Aerie of Dragons were tired of Bahamut dictating things. Mir'piamauza took advantage of Zeymah'kein's weakened state, mounting a large scale assault that their general staff claimed would bring their enemies to their knees in five years; a prediction that proved to be far off the mark. Ten years into the war, Mir'piamauza sued for peace with the reason that her economy had never fully recovered from the Third Dragon Wake and then had to suffer what was turning out be a drawn out war. Zeymah'kein's negotiators saw this as weakness, thinking that if they held out another year or two, Mir'piamauza would suffer massive desertions by unpaid soldiers and then could be defeated on the field. This would then allow them to readdress some of the land and holdings they gave up in the Third Burn. It turned out that these negotiators underestimated Mir'piamauza for they bartered a recently captured Underdark city to Dhaunril'yraen in return for gold support. The war continued for another decade, ending with the fall of Zeymah'kein's capital on 9 Witchrite 1600 HE.

Mir'piamauza's economy never fully recovered from this war. Several years later, she was wracked by a civil war that splintered the empire into city-states.

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