RegionMa'Ohari, Dhark Bolg
Alignmentchaotic evil
Established2 Witchrite 630 HE

Founded in the first half of the Horgon Era, Smizerak was then populated by descendants of the Akthol and Tharag clans from a continent and sea away. They first settled in the subterranean reaches beneath western Ma'Ohari, then upwards to the ridges of the Kilth mountains. One of the cities they founded was Felak, future capital of the Smizerak Kingdom. Having suffered two subjugations, one under the Reds of Kilth, and the other under Varelay, the dwarven peoples of Gulud-Burâg, Ilagandam, and Tholig-Mizin soon gave up their status as independent city-states, joined the kingdom - by unity they hoped to stand a better chance against their next foe.

Over the next three centuries, the Smizerak suffered badly from vampires, death giants, and undead coming out of Drachlaz. These vampires and death giants in their petty holds across the eastern tracts of Kazzatar were finally wiped out in the First Merioss Crusade (911 HE - 920 HE). After this matter was settled, Smizerak came to control a wide band of land from Kilth to Zan Urk and down into the dark reaches of Aerruxa.

When Ivory Asylum had colonial holdings along the eastern coasts of Ma'Ohari (1020 - 1465), the Smizerak were deemed good-natured, a friendly people. They then worshiped Danzar-Khâl. The Burterinii Empire, once a much stronger Smizerak trading partner, saw trade with them breakdown around 1521. Burterinii diplomatic records say Smizerak had become under the influence of demons. They were ever-more hostile, raiding and attacking Burterinii mines by way of the Earth Seam. Many Smizerak soldiers killed in these attacks were half-demon dwarves, and some were vampires. Survivors of these ambushes claim Smizerak's soldiers and mercenaries were brutal, merciless to the dying and wounded, with no interest in taking prisoners or slaves, only in looting and avarice.

After learning of Smizerak's societal change, the Loremasters of Ermikel sent a group to investigate the matter. They say the corruption that befell Smizerak's dwarves was a change in power, something that had been going on for centuries, with the half-demons, mostly dwarf cambions, slowly gaining enough power to fill key positions in government and business. After a decade of civil strife, they were firmly in power. During this time, many non-cambions disappeared in house-to-house raids. Thousands were taken in chains, deep into the Broken Lands to Thegildreon and others into ancient Varelay labyrinths beneath Drachlaz. Those that returned were corrupted, either transformed into Cambions or destined to give birth to these half-demons.

By the Year 1600, Smizerak was a shell of its former glory, depopulated, and destitute. It was a chaotic time, with mercenary lords often ruling with with the king a mere figurehead. In the 1700s, economy strained with a declining population and restrictive enterprise, Smizerak opened Felak to all peoples, and more importantly opened trade with outsiders.

It is said that some of Smizerak's leaders are heavily influenced by, or even members of the Blood Cult Grisapho Vu'tira.

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