CategoryFallen Empires
RegionAerie of Dragons
Fire Giant5%
DeitiesPrimus, Surtur
Reign212 HE - 780 HE
MapHiznaar Goz

Talothand was one of the Titan Empires of the Horgon Era. A fire giant kingdom, its heart was the northern volcanic reaches of the Dragon Wall. For nearly five centuries, the kingdom was a powerhouse of the Aerie of Dragons, controlling much of Hiznaar Goz.

Talothand warred with with the Kriistvrii tribes of Hiznaar Goz for hundreds of years. This fighting continued with the rise of Zeymah'kein. In 780 HE, Talothand fell to Zeymah'kein's army. The people were given a choice of joining Zeymah'kein or leaving. With a five hundred year reign, they were a proud people, one of the great Titan Empires that held sway over the smaller peoples, so the choice of many was to leave and plan for a day of reckoning. Many fire giants migrated west into Hells Womb, settling in the fiery wastes of Agulbandal; a place very similar to Kii Paagol with its great lava fields. Talothand's ogres, the Toomrur, went north following the Viiz Bo across the Sands of Hell and settling in the eastern part of Grashakh; much later becoming the Toomrur Hegemony.

One of the more noted achievements of this empire was a commercial network spanning many regions of Brucrumus's surface and underside. Named the Gorm Krip, adherents to the ideals of Primus, this mercantile network made the empire very rich. Some say they were the reason the Zeymah'kein wanted war, they wanted Talothand wealth, and to be part of the old pacts and relations made between merchants scattered across a wide area beyond the Aerie of Dragons and into the deeps of distant lands. The Gorm Krip, also serving as proselytizers of Primus were not looked highly upon by those that worshiped Surtur. They saw them as using coin to get what they want, instead of the brute force methods espoused by Surtur's battle priests.

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