RegionIce Cap

Dunzakh is a valley of northern Ice Cap. This valley is surrounded on three sides by the peaks of Iberak. Early in the Horgon Era, the dwarves of this valley and the surrounding highlands began to form into large specialized clans. When they weren't fighting each other over territory, or petty interests, they traded at Bazud-Ganal or concerned themselves with their trade. In time they grew more organized with federations of clans or alliances. Most of the time, the joining of clans was to better defend against goliath raiding.

After the fall of Malad-Mîn, the valley became territory of the goliath. They looted and plunder the dwarven settlements and then abandoned them again, returning to their nomadic ways. Dunzakh is dotted with ancient ruins and haven to beasts and monsters. In some of these ruins, are wells and sewers descending into Badmaer.

Notable Areas