Dunzakh - Fjorvir

RegionIce Cap

Dunzakh is a valley of northern Ice Cap. Surrounded on three sides by Iberak's icy peaks, in the Lith-Crillion Era, it became the home of Turkûn settlers. They had left the Prison Continent, a place of great prisons and watch towers; the work of their ancestors and others that had once served the Covenant. They crossed the Nautrek during a deep freeze, using it as a land bridge to move to the Brucrumus continent. The harshness of the region resulted in slow growth. When they weren't fighting each other over territory, or petty interests, they worked the mountains, mining, and building. Their first big settlement was Bazud-Ganal. In time, they would grow to more organized with clan federations and grand alliances. Most of the time, the joining of clans was to combat the region's nomadic Goliath.

After the fall of Malad-Mîn (507 HE - 86), the valley became Goliath lands, open to the free movement of peoples.

Today, Dunzakh is dotted with ancient ruins, haven for beasts, brigands, and monsters. In some of these ruins, are passages descending into the subterranean reaches of Badmaer.

Notable Areas