Du'ul Hiim

Du'ul Hiim
RegionAerie of Dragons
Founded16 Hollow 2880 LE
MapKrein Jusk

Du'ul Hiim, Draconic for Crown City, was founded in 2880 LE by the kobold tribes of Sendaar Jusk.

The city is spread across three mountains and into their interiors. Great spans link the spires, and dozens of the city's levels. Many of these spans are supported by pockets of air that continuously blow upwards. Secured in place with powerful magic, these pockets of air are a type of air mote.

In the Year 10 HE, a yellow dragon named Artang-Sund captured Du'ul Hiim. The kobold populace were enslaved, then convinced to worship their new master as a god. Already convinced that he was, most needed no help. The more intelligent knew otherwise, for them Artang-Sund was just another vain egotistic dragon.

Artang-Sund's worshipers built a vast temple-like citadel called Gevild. This place became an enormous structure where dragons can move freely about on wing or on fours. It has colossal "sunning" decks and massive hallways and long chutes. Some chambers and caverns are so big that a dragon can turn full circuit while on the wing.

Artang-Sund was absent from Du'ul Hiim for years at a time. When he returned, he often brought back loot, ancient relics and oddities like air motes. He had the kobolds use the air motes to support great bridges and other floating structures. The greatest bridges crossed wide canyons to nearby ridges and other mountains.

- Atak Conermorn, kobold sorcerer of Tinvaakin Kurtulmak, excerpt from the book - "Chronicles of Artang-Sund"

In 81 HE, Du'ul Hiim became the capital of the Ashmerthoon Empire.

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