Antokepf - Ohtarion
RegionHigh Wood Country
Ownerindependent city-state
GovernmentBlighted Council
Dark Treant5%
DeitiesGruumsh, Krak-Oth, Melrith
Founded19 Witchrite 846 HE

After the death of their god Maglubiyet, many goblins believed they had been forsaken for their actions. One group in the High Wood Country gave up their sedentary living, moving north. They battled all they came across, hoping to re-establish favor with their silent god. The high priests of Maglubiyet knew the real reason for their god's silence, keeping the grim truth a secret rather than demoralizing them in hard times. Urging their flock on, some as Gruumsh's proselytizers, they preached war. If they proved themselves as true war priests, then Gruumsh, slayer of their fallen god, would accept them as his priests.

Led by their crafty priests they passed into the dark vale of Emeldimir. An arduous journey through untamed lands, they battled the sprites of Gambriath and attacks by evil fey and undead treants to the heart of the valley. They founded the settlement of Antokepf where a verdant grove meets a blighted wood.

For its first millennia, Antokepf was governed by members of the Yúghít clan. This was replaced on 19 Kindle 1880 HE by the Blighted Council.

The city's top deities are Gruumsh, Krak-Oth and Melrith. The worship of Krak-Oth began in the Horgon Era with Theegan proselytizers out of Ak'mrîtun. Melrith's influence came with the growing strength of Emeldimir's three Dark Nature forests, the Arirmarg, Gambriath and the Vaharmane.

Antokepf has a mix of architecture, the domes of the Theegans, the slender spires and sharp angles of the goblins, and great gardens mixed with decaying and thriving plants. In these gardens, with the help of druids, the cycle of decay and regrowth happens very quickly.

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