Viing Qeth Wing Bone

Viing Qeth
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasWing Bone
MapIizus Yeldah

In the Dawn Era, this basin served as a dumping ground for dragons that perished in the necrotic experiments of Maen Grirngrim. This primordial went through dozens of dragons before he finally succeed in creating the first dracolich. When the primordials were driven from this world, the basin was left to the elements. Long after Maen Grirngrim had disappeared, legends began to make their way across the realm. These legends said that many great dragons perished in the service of some mighty primordial and that those dragons who were ready to pass on to afterlife would spend their final days here.

By the First Epoch, Viing Qeth ("Wing Bone") no longer served as a dying ground for aging dragons. Instead those dragons who decided against going out in a blaze of glory starting going to Laat Viing. In both of these areas, when dragons breath their last, their bones magically harden equaling the strength of lava stone. This has continued over many epochs, leading to the accumulation of numerous skeletons, bones, and even treasure. The reason they started going to Laat Viing is because Viing Qeth became a wetland. Scattered across the marshes and bubbling pools of Viing Qeth are great piles of petrified dragon bones; a final testament to the eternal might of dragons.

Notable Areas